Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fail dresses: return to sender


This might sound generalising and oversimplifying, but I don't think I'm wrong when I say that most of the social media is used to show ourselves at our best. Best make-up, interesting locations, perfect fitting outfits, tasty-looking food, awesome friends.. and that's cool, because most of us like looking at positive stuff. :)

It will be different today though, as this post will be about dresses that I ordered online.. and that were definitely not a success when I put them on. By the way, this is what I usually do.. I come home, see the package(s), take a shower, set up the camera and start trying them on.  Am I weird?

It was a long work-day, so I couldn't be bothered to do make-up! So it's back-sides or cropped-off heads.. trust me.. it's for the better! :P

So the dress depicted above was just a little too tight and the colours weren't really working for me. And also the fabric.. I didn't like it.. it gave me goose-bumps.

This second dress.. I don't even think I have to tell you why I returned this one. This dress is a clear example of how a piece of clothing can look great from the front-side.. but absolutely rubbish from the back-side.

This third dress is a classic example of how something looked good in theory on the website, but when finally on my body.. it just looked all frumpy! Ah well.. you win some, you lose some.. right?

And this is why I always take photos when I'm trying on stuff.. from all angles! It's better than relying on just the mirror! ;-)

I have no videos of this dress fitting session, so I'll just leave you with two most recent ones!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A green dress at sunset


The last outfit was a bit on the black-ish side.. and while I really love black outfits (always so simple and effortlessly stylish), I find colours to be so much more gratifying!

So, to keep the variety going, the dress has turned green/yellow.. and the setting has changed back from France to the Netherlands. Who needs to travel 1200 kilometres  (750 miles, for you Yanks and Brits :-P) for some sun, right?

As some of you might know.. I'm not very good at naming colours. So for me.. this dress is bright green, perhaps with some yellow in there. Of course, others might call it chemical toxic sludge green. I don't know.. what do you think?

These photos were taken in a park near Rotterdam, the kind where moms take their kids to run around, let them feed the ducks and have them play games. So this park contains all kinds of stuff to keep kids occupied!

Anyone fancy a game of table tennis? xD

I think the above shot is clear example of how nice the natural light during sunset can be. It almost has something really surreal going on!

So,.. I mentioned ducks, therefore I should probably show some ducks. I actually used to feed ducks with my siblings and my parents during the weekend back when I was a child, so this brought back some memories. :)

I usually don't really do outfit details, because most of the stuff I wear is out of the stores anyway by the time I get around to wearing it. Or that just a way of saying that I just buy stuff during the sales.. and I'm cheap? :P

The shoes are high-heeled black and white sandals from Dorothy Perkins... I have them now for a couple of years. They are so comfortable.. perfect for a whole day! The dress is from Steps, a brand that always seems to have the perfect dresses for my body!

The leather jacket is by Promiss.. and all the other stuff is really old! :-P 

Time to enjoy the sunset! :-D

Enjoy the video and the weekend! ♥